Our Story

Since 2002, Identity Group has been helping clients with their branding.  We work to build brands,
create positive, powerful logo images, recognize outstanding performers, build loyalty and help our
clients look better than their competition.  We are different than the typical decorator or distributor -
more on that later.  But first, let me share how we got started.

Back in 1996, I began working with a small decorating firm.  We were the typical screen print and
embroidery shop.  The firm had branched out into promotional products and premium reward programs,
such as holiday gift and safety programs.  Our small sales team of three (myself, another and the
owner) essentially took that firm from 18 to 80 employees.  We began working three shifts of
embroidery, purchased automatic, high-volume screen print presses and were calling on national
accounts.  I developed relationships with offshore manufacturers and became the in-house expert in
custom apparel manufacturing.  In addition, I experienced all the highs and lows of a round-the-clock
production facility.  I also began developing partnerships with other embroidery and print operations -
our volume was just too high to handle it all in-house.

However, with all the sales success, I watched the firm I'd helped grow experience problem after
problem.  I learned a great deal during those troubling times - about how (and how not) to handle
growth.  I learned what happens when a company takes its eyes off their clients' needs.  And I
developed a great many ideas about how to create a better business model for our industry.

These "pre-Identity Group" experiences are important... because they helped shape our culture and
commitment to our clients.  Identity Group is
well-funded, well-managed and is far more concerned
with the success of our projects
than adding signatures to contracts.  For over 13 years, I've
personally been assisting clients with all kinds of promotions big and small.  
My firm understands this
industry and how the word "commitment" fits into a production environment
.  We realize what
you've got invested in us - and we take that partnership very, very seriously.
How are we different?
Identity Group is a unique collective within the apparel, uniform and promotional products industry.    While we rank within
the top 20% sales volumes in our industry, we do so with a very efficient and thin structure.  I'd realized some of the
nation's largest uniform providers, the "giants" of our industry, don't actually produce all their own goods in-house.  
Instead, they often rely on highly qualified partners to handle some of their production needs.  This truth was driven
home once when I was in Colorado, bidding on a national restaurant chain's uniform program.  I'd taken samples of
custom sport shirts for review and, when I'd walked into their presentation room, I noticed one of our industry's largest
company's samples were still there on display.  The odd thing was... those garments looked just like ours.  I mean, they
exactly like ours.   Upon closer inspection, it turned out my partner factory in India had been contacted by the
competitor as well... to bid the very same program!  The same goods, made in the same factory, shipped to the same
final destination... the only difference was that our efficient low-overhead structure allowed for lower program pricing.  It's
a lesson I still apply today - our business model ensures each client's pricing is as efficient and as low as possible.  The
other providers' models - they have to factor in for delivery trucks, laundry services, bathroom sanitizing services, and a
mountain of other overhead line items that have no bearing on the success of your program!  For many, this model just
doesn't make sense.

Ours is a team of specialists, each experts within their discipline.  Your project is managed professionally, efficiently &
quickly by the best team in the industry.  When a process screen print must be placed on a dark garment, your work is
done by
award-winning printers.  When your job requires detailed, fine embroidery, you work is done by the finest
.  And, when you just need a simple imprint (if there is there such a thing), we've got those more
straight-forward jobs covered as well!  By directing our projects to our partners, we offer our clients the flexibility of
production times and high-volume production capability.  We are able to reduce your expenses with low overhead paired
with the most cost-effective decoration solution specific to your project.  Our production teams are highly, highly skilled.  If
you've a technical job, there's no concern that your project will provide on-the-job training for a newly hired decorator...
we're not "locked into" a single production team.

Beyond our strengths in sourcing and production,
Identity Group is responsive.  Call us and you'll find we're
straight-forward, quick to address your needs and genuinely happy you've called.  You know, no one ever complains
about the low price they've received.  Instead, they complain about poor customer service, slow response times,
unanswered questions and sloppy business practices.  Our clients don't have these problems.  We strive to ensure our
clients feel more like partners than customers.  We are grateful for your trust and work to continue to earn it.

Give me a call & let me show you how my firm can help build your brand!

Patrick Tomsen
President & Founder
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