Patrick Tomsen is the owner & President of Identity Group, LLC.  He is responsible for developing and executing brand strategy as well as insuring client satisfaction.  He enjoys most that moment when a client realizes how valuable their partnership with Identity Group has become... where our firm is an essential partner to yours - Patrick and his team work very hard to become irreplaceable and more than simply "vendors".  An industry professional for over 26 years, Patrick founded Identity Group, LLC in 2002 and has worked to ensure he's created a firm which truly partners with his clients.  He is quick to wear many hats and regularly leads by example, knowing at the end of the day his firm is judged by the success of their clients' projects.  If you challenge him to any sports or movie trivia, you will win.  But ask him about mixed martial arts and you will wish you hadn't - he can talk for days about it.  Outside of work, Patrick is an avid fly-fisherman and conservationist, serving as a board member to a Michigan preserve.  He values most of all his wife and their three children.


Founded in 2002, Identity Group, LLC is a full service brand solutions, apparel & advertising specialties agency whose services extend beyond a simple distributorship.  Identity Group, LLC has a broad range of corporate & uniform apparel along with deep collections of premium merchandise to promote your brand.

Some typical programs include:

  • Embroidery, Screen Print & Digital Decorating
  • Corporate Apparel & Recognition Programs
  • Premiums & Incentives Sales
  • Uniform Solutions: Corporate, Food Service, Industrial & more
  • Trade Show Displays, Give-Aways & Programs
  • Safety Programs
  • Service Awards & Employee Recognition
  • Holiday Gifts and Recognition
  • Business Gifts & Marketing
  • Sports Teams & Tournaments
  • Company Outings & Event Solutions
  • Thank you Programs
  • Pick, Pack, Name-Tag and Ship Programs
  • E-Commerce Solutions: online stores & fulfillment services

Identity Group can help you find a cost-effective way to market & promote your business with custom apparel & promotional items which speak to your brand and audience.

How are we different?
It's not just our name.  The "Group" in "Identity Group" represents the best manufacturer partners in our industry.  We are a unique collective within the apparel, uniform & promotional products space.  For over 25 years, we've cultivated relationships and leverage those for our partner clients.  While we rank within the top 20% sales volumes in our industry, we do so with a very efficient and thin structure.  The result is a firm that's exceptionally capable and focused on long-term relationships. You won't find a revolving door of employees here.  And, you won't encounter staff more interested in getting your signature than in seeing your project succeed.  Instead, you'll find a firm that seeks long-term relationships by adding value to your projects.  You'll find a team who truly become your partners.

Identity Group, LLC offers our client partners the best of both worlds.  We've in-house embroidery, screen print and digital print solutions, running 6-days a week and capable of incredible turn-times.  Our primary promotional lines ship within a blazing 24-hours, stocked deeply and professionally printed.  And, when a the scope of your project requires something out of the ordinary, we've others within our group, each of whom is highly skilled within their discipline, vetted and ready to make your project a success.  It's a model that's served our clients well for over 20 years.

Beyond our strengths in sourcing and production, Identity Group, LLC is responsive
.  Call us and you'll find we're straight-forward, quick to address your needs and genuinely happy you've reached out.  No one ever complains about the low price they've received.  Instead, complaints are regarding poor customer service, slow response times, unanswered questions and sloppy business practices.  Our clients simply don't have these problems.  We strive to ensure our clients feel more like partners than customers.  We are grateful for your trust and work to continue to earn it.

Give us a call & we'll show you how we can help forward your brand!

Patrick Tomsen
President & Founder


 established 2002   |   Celebrating over 20 years of excellence 


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